Air Conditioning Services

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Air Conditioning Tune-Ups, Repair, and Maintenance

Beat the heat and call The Plumber today for your Air Conditioning Unit tune-up! Performing regular routine maintenance on your air conditioner is essential. This comprehensive cleaning will help you avoid unexpected breakdowns, improve efficiency, increase safety, and extend the lifespan of your unit!

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Stay cool with our A/C Unit tune-ups, repair, and maintenance services.

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Is your fan not cutting it anymore? Find relief with our A/C Unit installation services.

Signs Your AC System Needs A Tune-Up

When temperatures soar and humidity rises, it’s easy to shut all the windows and turn on the AC. That refreshing blast of cold air is almost as satisfying as taking a dip in the pool, plus we often sleep better and breathe easier when heat and humidity are controlled. Turn your home into an oasis with a little help from The Plumber. You already trust us to handle fixing leaky pipes, overflowing sump pumps, and broken sewer lines. Now, let us help you stay cool with our Air Conditioning Tune-Ups, Maintenance, Repair, and Installation services.

After seven or more months of inactivity, your AC system may show signs it’s struggling to perform at its best. If your AC unit exhibits any of the following warning signs…Read More.

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