Don’t Flush That! 5 Strange Things Found in Sewers

Many times, plumbers are called to fix clogged drains and sewer lines in commercial and residential buildings. Over the years, plumbers around the world have discovered some pretty startling things in clogged pipes! If you are experiencing issues with clogged drains in Buffalo, NY, give The Plumber a call at (716) 894-4382! Hopefully you don’t have any of these in your drains, except maybe the last one!

sewer alligator

Alligators and plumbing are a bad combination!

  • Alligator: After all of the jokes and myths over the years, it had to come true eventually, right? In 2006, a 600-lb alligator was found in the sewers of Texas. The massive creature had gotten so large, he wedged himself in a pipe and couldn’t get out!
  • Goldfish: Have you ever flushed a seemingly dead goldfish down the toilet? Next time, think twice! In Canada, Goldfish are surviving and breeding in the sewers.
  • Fatberg?: In London, a 33,000 lb mass of congealed oils, fats, and diapers has been discovered. This monstrosity is referred to as Fatberg. Make sure you throw away your grease, rather than wash it down the drain!
  • Grenades: Also found in London Sewers, a surprising amount of hand grenades! Perhaps someone was hoping to destroy Fatberg?
  • Watches!: In the UK, a man found 4 luxury watches, with an estimated value of $93,000. Two of the watches were Rolexes, and the others Omega, and Franck Muller.

If you are experiencing a drain issue, spectacular or simple, it is important to have it addressed as quickly as possible. Unattended to drain issues can cause long-term damage to your plumbing. For all of your plumbing needs in Buffalo, NY, and surrounding areas, call the experts at (716) 894-4382!