Green Bathroom Cleaners You Shouldn’t Mix


Remember These Helpful Tips!

Have you switched to green household cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda instead of harsh chemicals? Congratulations! That is a great way to protect he environment, as well as improve the air quality in your home. While your grandmother likely warned you not to mix ammonia and bleach, you may not know that some natural bathroom cleaning options can also produce dangerous reactions. Today we will discuss a few harmful combinations to avoid.

Castile Soap & Vinegar

Alright, so this one in’t dangerous, but mixing them will only create a mess. When these two are put together, the cancel each other out, leaving you with a goopy mess.

Hydrogen Peroxide & Vinegar

Separately, both of these cleaners work well with baking soda. However, when mixed together they form chloramine, a harmful gas. his gas can hurt your lungs and cause serious eye irritation.

Bleach & Vinegar

While we know bleach isn’t all natural, sometimes bleach is what you need. Just in case, we want to make sure you know that you can’t cut your bleach with vinegar to make it less harmful. When mixed together, these ingredients form chlorine gas, which can be lethal in high doses. When inhaled in small amounts, it leads to chest pain and difficulty breathing.

Bleach & Rubbing Alcohol

Somehow even more dangerous, mixing rubbing alcohol and bleach can create chloroform gas. This  gas also causes irritation, and sustained exposure can render you unconscious. It can even be lethal in high doses.

(Just to be clear, bleach should never be mixed with anything but water.)

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