Leak Detection


Have you noticed a sudden increase in your water bill? Do you have a slow drain, toilet that won’t flush, experience smells of natural gas or have a damp wall or cabinet? These are all signs of a sewer, water or gas leak. Don’t wait until the damage to your home gets worse – call our Buffalo water leak detection experts!


Sewer leaks can cause gurgling sounds when flushing the toilet, slow drainage throughout your home, or a rotten egg smell (sulfur) in your home. By smoke testing and video camera inspection we can find the origin of the problem in your sewer lines. Root invasion can cause stress on the drain line and could lead to separation. Contact The Plumber & 72 Degrees for repairs today!


Water leaks are most often revealed by unusually high water bills. Your water leak could be as minor as a running toilet or could be more serious, a leak under the foundation of your home. Our Buffalo water leak detection technicians will isolate and repair the problem using our state-of-the-art equipment. Once the source is identified, we can make repairs quickly, so you can stop spending excess money on utilities.

Early detection and repair of water leaks is essential to saving on costly home repairs, especially when dealing with a slab leak. Foundation leaks can cause erosion, leading to additional stress and damage to the building structure. Call us to get an estimate today.


Movement in the foundation of your home could be caused by a plumbing leak under the slab. Water and sewer lines beneath your home can cause cracks and movement in the structure. At The Plumber and 72 Degrees, we can fix the leak and stop further erosion of the ground below your house. We check for leak locations with state-of-the-art equipment. Once the leak is found, we can make pipe repairs with little disruption to your home or business. Don’t wait, contact The Plumber now for local Buffalo water leak detection services.


Gas leaks increase the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. Our technicians will isolate the leaks in your gas system and verify the safety of your home. After repairs are made to the gas leak, pressure testing is used to verify all leaks have been corrected, giving you peace of mind.


Winter in Western New York can be unpredictable. Frequent temperature changes can lead to frozen and broken pipes. For Buffalo winterizing services or leak repair caused by unexpected temperature drops, call the experts at The Plumber and 72 Degrees.