Drain Cleaning

Water Draining from a Sink

We Provide Quality, Professional Drain Cleaning Solutions to Remove Clogs and Improve Water Pressure

There are lots of of cheap, fast-acting drain cleaners on the market, but how often do these actually fix the problem? Some may not work at all while others could leave behind debris that will require more work to remove. Professional drain cleaning services are recommended to ensure that drains are cleaned quickly and efficiently the first time. If you need drain cleaning services in Tonawonda or Buffalo, NY, contact us today at (716) 894-4382 to schedule professional drain cleaning.

We offer hydro jet drain cleaning as a fast and efficient solution to clean out drains and pipelines without the mess! Using high pressure water, we can quickly break apart the clog and make sure there is no debris build up left behind where another clog could eventually form. We also provide professional chemical cleaning services using BioClean, Calci-Solve, and Hercules Sizzle that remove the grime and help to keep the drain lines maintained in between scheduled maintenance services.

Trouble With Slow Drains?

No one likes dealing with a sink or tub that continues to fill with water due to a slow drain. The common cause of drain problems is build up somewhere in the line leading from the drain. Sinks and tubs can become clogged with gunk like hair and soap scum while the usual culprit in kitchen sinks is food debris and grease build up.

Water Running in Kitchen Sink

If You Need a Slow Drain Repaired, Contact Our Plumbers Today

While there are a lot of DIY options out there, some don’t work at all and just shove the clog further down the pipeline, others could actually add to the build up and make it worse. Professional drain cleaning is the way to go to make sure the pipeline is cleaned thoroughly without any debris being left behind. A plumber will be able to inspect the pipe as well check that there are no cracks forming in that section of the pipeline.

If you need professional drain cleaning in Buffalo, NY or Tonawonda, NY then call The Plumber for expert services at (716) 894-4382. We offer 24/7 service to take care of plumbing emergencies too! If you are dealing with an unexpected pipe leak or flooding due to a burst pipe, give us a call so we can come out and minimize the damage.