Garbage Disposal Repair

Kitchen Garbage Disposal

We Can Repair Your Garbage Disposal or Replace it if Necessary

Having trouble with a broken garbage disposal? Contact our plumbers today at (716) 894-4382. We can come out, assess the issue, and get your garbage disposal repaired in no time. We provide garbage disposal repair in Buffalo, NY and Tonawanda, NY.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Is the garbage disposal refusing to turn on or turning on but only hums? It could be that the disposal is jammed. You can check with a flashlight, without reaching in with your hand, to see if something is jammed in the blades. Something like a stray fork or a piece of jewelry can be easily removed with a pair of tongs. If removing the jam doesn’t fix the problem, it could be that the motor burned out. A plumber can inspect the garbage disposal to find the issue and replace it if necessary.

Washing Dishes in a Kitchen Sink

Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Smoothly With Professional Maintenance and Repairs

If the garbage disposal has started working slower than usual, the blades may have been worn down. It’s recommended that you avoid putting small bones, fruit pits, and even ice cubes in the disposal because they can quickly wear down the blades. In order to maintain your garbage disposal, it’s best to throw out any food scraps and grease to prevent buildup and avoid having to make repairs.

Besides throwing pieces of food and bone in the trash instead of the sink, it’s also a good idea to make a habit of running water in the disposal before and after running it to help keep it clear of debris. You also want to run cold water to rinse it. Using hot water can allow for grease and oils to travel down into the pipeline and create buildup that could create a clog.

Is there standing water in your sink? If you can run the garbage disposal without any issue, this may be a problem inside the drain line and not the garbage disposal itself. In this case, you’ll want to have a plumber come out to clean the drain of any clogs or build up.

If your garbage disposal is giving you trouble, contact The Plumber today at (716) 894-4382. We are available for plumbing services and garbage disposal repair in Tonawanda, NY and Buffalo, NY. Give us a call and we’ll get your home plumbing back in shape fast!