Water Pressure Boosters

Are you having trouble with the water pressure in your home? Low water pressure can make everyday tasks like washing dishes excruciatingly time consuming. If there is barely a trickle of water coming from your faucets, contact The Plumber at (716) 894-4382 for water pressure services in Buffalo, NY and Tonawanda, NY.

Having Water Pressure Problems?

Running Water from Bathroom Faucet

If your water pressure is low we can install water pressure boosters to improve water flow

Normal psi levels for your water should be around 60-70. Any lower than 50 would be considered low water pressure while 80 or above would be considered too high. Most home plumbing systems are built to work with a psi level between 50-80. If you’ve tested the pressure of your water and it’s coming up short, it could be caused by an issue within your home’s plumbing system. Having a plumber come out and inspect the plumbing is a good first step when it comes to finding a solution to low water pressure. There are several common plumbing problems that could be preventing you from getting higher water pressure:

  • Leaking or clogged pipelines
  • Shutoff valves are not opening fully
  • Pressure-reducing valve has failed
  • City is delivering water at a low pressure

If any of these are the source of the issue, a plumber will be able to find it quickly through an inspection and go over the best solutions for fixing it. It may be a simple fix of replacing a shutoff valve or pressure-reducing valve. If the problem is determined to be low water pressure from the water main, you may benefit from having a water pressure booster installed.

Water Pressure Boosters

A water pressure booster hooks into the water main and uses a pump and pressure tank to increase the psi levels to boost the water pressure to the desired amount. The tank holds pressurized water so that the pump does not run every time the water is used. If you would like a water pressure booster installed in your home, contact our plumbing professionals today at (716) 894-4382. We’ll have your water pressure improved in no time at all! Call us today if you need water pressure services in Tonawanda, NY or the Buffalo, NY area.