Signs You Have a Sewer Line Problem

sewer line problem

Sewer leaks can encourage the appearance of rodents and other pests.

Your sewer line represents perhaps the most important plumbing in your home. Unfortunately, since the lines run underground, you can sometimes remain in the dark about an important sewer line problem. Since these can have repercussions around a home or business, you’ll need to stay aware of the symptoms.

Bad Smells

You should never just shrug off the smell of sewage around your home. In addition to its unpleasantness, sewage stink can also indicate a leak or rupture in your sewer line. The smell of mold or mildew can also indicate problems with the sewer. As moisture collects from a leak beneath your home, it can provide ideal conditions for the growth of these substances.

Clogged or Backed Up Drains

Since all your pipes drain into the sewer, a problem there will eventually make itself known across your homes sinks and bathtub. Clogs can happen in sewer lines just like any other pipe. Additionally, if the line has ruptured, it will fill with soil and become blocked. In any case, you may notice that all the drains in your house operate slowly. If the clogged goes untreated, it will eventually result in the actual back-up of sewage into your home.

Odd Patches in the Yard

If you noticed an unusually vibrant patch or soggy areas in your yard, chances are you have an underground leak. Leaked sewage will actually act as fertilizer for your grass, and can encourage its luxuriant growth within the area of the leak. 

If you’ve noticed one or more of these signs, you need immediate service from a quality plumber. A sewer line problem can spiral out of control quickly, and will eventually require significant repairs. For help with your sewer line problem in Buffalo, NY, call The Plumber at (716) 894-4382.