Three Things to Think About During Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom Remodel

Think Twice Before You Take Out the Bathtub During a Bathroom Remodel. Bathtubs Add to the Resale Value of a House.

If you’re working a bathroom remodel in your home, you’ve probably thought through a lot of the details. Things like the color of tile, type of shower head and the type of counter material are typically details that people think when they start remodeling a bathroom. Other details are just as important, but often not considered. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, don’t forget about these fine details. Also remember that The Plumber offers plumbing fixture installation services.

Bathroom Remodel Tips

Don’t Take Out the Bathtub: Bathtubs are a huge sale point for a home. Removing the bathtub might seem appealing for opening up space in the bathroom, but if you’re ever planning on selling your home it could cause you get less money.

Put in a bigger mirror: Activities such as shaving, applying make-up or flossing your teeth require being able to see clearly. Installing a bigger mirror with extra lighting above it can improve the functionality of your vanity.

Don’t forget the storage: There are a lot of things to store in your bathroom, and you don’t want them cluttering up the counter. However you want to make sure that you maximize the space in your bathroom. Simple changes in your storage plan, such installing drawers instead of cabinets under the vanity, can help you get the most storage out of the space you have.

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